A Grand Morin is not only an item of clothing: it’s also

Our History

Grand Morin is quite young as a brand, but it has a long history that starts in 1976 when Vittorino Pamio founds Pamar, a firm that is a leader in high-fashion outerwear and that has distinguished itself over the years as a result of the quality and the design of its garments.

Even before Pamar foundation, Vittorino can live and breathe the art of Venetian fashion design: born into a tailor’s family in 1937-hence the tribute on our garments- he learns the secrets that lead him to develop a passion for custom-made clothing, passion that, in turn, Vittorino passes down to his sons.

Indeed, Grand Morin was born of the intuition and the enthusiasm of three partners, Vittorino and his sons Mauro and Bruno, who have been able to read the signs of a continuously innovating society and to blend a 40-year tailoring tradition with contemporary trends. This amazing fusion gives birth to garments with young and modern design.
Can tradition evolve? We think that it’s possible, this is Grand Morin.

Today, as in the past, quality and attention to detail are the priorities of the Group and of the Grand Morin Brand: and so we have been proud to keep each phase of the creation of the garment– from the first sketch to the final realisation- in our Region: Veneto. This choice makes us different from other companies in the same field, but is typical of what we stand for.

Design & Made in Italy

Carefully tailored

We believe that the selection of raw materials is crucial for achieving a high quality garment: indeed, we select only the highest quality Italian yarns, using both hand- sewn procedures as well as the most advanced and modern tailoring techniques.

Every single Grand Morin going out from our laboratories is carefully quality controlled since it has to reflect the high standards required for all our products, because we know that each item of clothing is unique because of its distinguishing handmade nature.

Tradition and innovation: this is Grand Morin.